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Rapid Acquisition

We work with management teams and existing investors to quickly offer a financial outcome for distressed software stakeholders.  We are experts in dissecting the value of your technology and offer rapid diligence and an efficient legal path to
monetize core assets.

Access to Capital

There are many reasons startups fail and many times it was not a failure in the underlying technology but the execution on the business traction.  VC's put a high bar on startups to qualify for Series A funding and many startups fall short of that high bar even if the technology they have built has great promise.  We bring critical capital to recapitalize the business and bring new life to the technology.  

Exciting Future

We are seasoned startup CEO's that will devote our time and attention to mentoring existing management teams to pivot or adapt their distressed business into a thriving enterprise.  We have a large network of enterpsie customers and strategic partners that will participate in pilots and commercial adoption of emerging technology.  Let's build an exciting future together.


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