Cutting edge industrial intelligence platform revolutionizing upstream oil and gas. The promise of the digital oil field was just a promise unmaterialized prior to OspreyData.

Data Shaping

 The primary bottleneck to innovation and insight is getting the right information into the right shape. Today teams of analysts, engineers and ETL specialists take weeks or months building processes to prepare data for analysis. The size and inconsistency of big data creates an even bigger bottleneck. BigDataMonkey eliminates this bottleneck. 

Automated Data Science

 UBIX blends its powerful set of ground-breaking technologies in order to do one thing: drive consumption of advanced insights throughout the enterprise.  We build Advanced Insight Portals powered by our patented artificial intelligence system - Auto-Curious - which runs on a highly scalable and performant cloud analytics platform. All of which allows business users critical access to simple-to-consume, yet advanced, predictive insights on demand. 

Specialty Drug Treatment Analytics and Decision Support


Pinscriptive has developed a unique big data analytics platform that combines real world clinical and economic cost data to recommend specialty drugs that produce the most effective health outcomes for patients at the best overall value. Pinscriptive is giving payers, at-risk providers, physicians, and biopharmaceutical manufacturers the ability shift from a volume to a value model through precision analytics; eliminating inappropriate specialty drug use and lowering the overall cost burden on the healthcare system.